Ronon Dex (feltgoodthough) wrote,
Ronon Dex

The snow continued to fall, the fire continued to burn and Socks was content to snooze in front of the fire until Ronon prepared a little dried meat, fresh fruit and water - well Socks just ate meat and Ronon suspected that fruit might end up being in short supply if the snow kept up for long and the island didn't change to match it. But if that was the case fruit wouldn't be the best diet for this sort of weather. Jennifer had gone to sleep first despite her claims that she wasn't boring him - he'd covered her over with a fur and shifted her into a more comfortable position. He'd banked the fire to be safer but low burning and then laid down beside her. He hadn't meant to go to sleep - he couldn't remember the last time he'd slept beside anyone. Well he could remember - but he tried not to.

Ronon just meant to rest but the warmth from the fire and the lull of the wind outside had allowed to drift eventually startling awake when Jennifer moved beside him in her sleep. When she did wake up, he was prompted awake by her movement and reached for a weapon before he remembered where he was, he hadn't pulled the knife out of the sheath though he had stiffened onto the alert and he shifted awkwardly relaxing his grip on the knife hilt. "Hey," he said. "Sleep well?"
Tags: blizzard, jennifer
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