Ronon Dex (feltgoodthough) wrote,
Ronon Dex

Christmas - for Jennifer

Ronon had never cared for Christmas on Atlantis. He didn't mind it - but it had always seemed pointless to have a winter feast that celebrated winter on a planet a galaxy away. Some of the food had been interesting though.

On the island there was winter for the winter feast. It was the one time of year the weather changed. It reminded Ronon strongly of his arrival and the thought that he had been here a year now was not a comforting one. But if there was one thing he did appreciate it was the change in his and Jennifer's relationship.

On Christmas morning he slipped into her transformed home - earning himself a yowl from Socks and a muffled whine from the dog she'd inherited from Carson. He put the wrapped painting at the foot of her bed and leaned down to kiss her awake while Socks persisted into trying to climb him.
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