Ronon Dex (feltgoodthough) wrote,
Ronon Dex

[For Jack]

Jennifer was at the clinic and would be at the clinic for another couple of hours. Which meant Ronon was free to sit at the table in New Atlantis and work on her ring without her seeing it.

Not that it needed work now - it was pretty much done and mostly what Ronon did was polish it with a bit of leather making sure the metals was entirely smooth. He still hadn't decided when he was going to give it to her.

When he heard someone coming he put the ring away - it wouldn't be Jennifer so he didn't have to be that secretive but he didn't know everyone in New Atlantis and there was always a chance it was someone indiscreet.

Instead it was General O'Neill, who Ronon knew - but who did not know him nor go by General. "O'Neill," he said in greeting before going back to examining the bit of jewellery.
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